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Kids Gardening

Being were approached by a large production company who had a brief from their client to deliver a team building event for 105 global leaders. The client wanted to create a lasting legacy that demonstrated sustainability.


Mudchute Farm and Park, in the shadow of Canary Wharf, was the perfect venue. The team transformed a disused piece of wasteland into an educational forest school. They created bird boxes, raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables, wild flower borders, hedgehog houses and bat boxes. They also designed a sustainable energy area, deconstructing bicycles and harnessing the pedal power to drive LED lighting, potters wheels and water pumps to irrigate the raised beds.


A quote from the CEO summed the job up… "we are a purpose led organisation who don’t want to do teambuilding for the sake of it. This event has made a real contribution, it’s motivated the team and left something worthwhile behind and that is so important to us."

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