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Concept to Completion

Our Team take your brief, we then find a suitable charity, community project or worthy cause which match your objectives and company values. Once found we design, plan, cost and schedule the tasks requiring completion on the day by your delegates, be that a full day or two hours


Working closely with you we allocate specific tasks to teams with the required skillsets to complete the challenge, ranging from DIY skills, physical material movement through to a communication and wellbeing team shooting a video or keeping the team fully refreshed.


On the day with the help and collaboration of our experienced team leaders and skilled craftsmen we oversee the transformation being carried out by the delegates to ensure a safe, fun, engaging and rewarding experience. 


Once complete we “reveal” the transformation to the end users of the facility which is always a magical and highly emotional moment, not just for those people whose lives you have impacted but to your team who have and will continue to make a difference. 

A legacy to be proud of.


Building Teams through “Projects with Purpose”

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