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Team building is evolving

Events now need to make a tangible difference.

Team building projects need purpose.

We help you to build your team, boost their wellbeing and 

enhance your company’s reputation.

You can do this whilst benefiting others outside your organisation. Once you've done team building like this,

you’ll never look back.

Being - building teams through Projects with Purpose

We match your company values with a project in need and help you to deliver a legacy from concept to completion

  • Organisations who want to improve their team dynamics

  • Events agencies who want to stand out with purpose led community activities as part of their offering

  • Any team who wants to do something remarkable in line with their values

Who we are here for

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We believe in the power of people to help people

Whether your project is a company incentive building a school in Nairobi or renovating a disused playground in North London, each event is tailor made to include all of your team, all abilities and needs, anywhere your imagination will take you.

Projects with purpose

Benefits & ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) frameworks offer a valuable tool to promote wellbeing in the workplace.  Analysis has shown that companies who invest in positive social and environmental projects have a happier workforce, who are more engaged with the business. They are also more likely to attract and retain the best talent within their industry.


We help you to make that happier more engaged workforce a reality. Our projects leave your teams feeling connected with a strong sense of pride in the business because together they have made a difference.

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Being is committed to integrating sustainability practices into the management and delivery of all of its projects.

From Concept to Completion

With over 35 years producing events, we know the importance of planning and attention to detail to ensure a seamless and successful outcome.


Each and every Project with Purpose we undertake is designed to match the brief, objectives and values of your organisation. Whether it's finding an educational farm which cares for “humans and animals alike”, creating a sustainable forest school or simply helping build teams through engagement outside of their high pressure and highly charged environment, we can help you to achieve your goal. 



Meet the Team


You are in safe hands.  Our team have a diverse skill set; they know when to lead and when to support.  


​Si and Fitz have over 20 years’ experience each as firefighters; they are used to dealing with fast changing, dynamic situations where they need to think on their feet. Whether building teams or fighting fires they bring the same level of problem solving skill, effort and commitment to your event. ​

Jen, our psychologist, understands how to build team dynamics and what makes organisations stand out. She is experienced in working alongside teams, just like yours, helping them to bring out the best in each other.


Nige and Anna, are expert on delivering live events. They bring a creative approach underpinned with the practical skills to manage the complicated logistics and administration around your team building project, making sure that everything goes to plan and that your event is a success. 

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